KYC & AML tool “Globalpass”

Advanced ID verification tool with market leading scanning and search algorithms




In todays society, trust is becoming a necessity between business relationships. There is an evergrowing need to find whether you can trust your next business partner / investigate your customer / or you simply need to follow regulation. Moreover, current existing solutions are hardly scalable, as they include a human interaction for the background check.


After identifying the core issues in the market, we stood by our principles - innovation. This lead us to creation of GlobalPass - a highly scalable KYC/AML verification platform, with advanced and market innovating screening solutions.


What we have made

As with other solutions iSun has developed, our scope of work included everything from A to Z - market research, legal framework, development of frontend and backend, web design and project management. The biggest attention was spent on creation of screening solutions which include: Advanced document analysis, document encryption analysis, biometric data scan, credit card analysis and screening from a wide range of databases (including criminal records, country of origin, bank account blacklist). On top of that, we made it easy to use for business clients - from a crisp web interface to a possible API integration.

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